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1. The person is the centre of our
planning and delivery of services
and in all we say and do.

  • Improve population health by promoting healthier lifestyles; access to care and targeted screening.
  • Improve diagnosis and management of chronic conditions.
  • Develop supports to assist people to recover at home.
  • Improve access to acute and specialist care across secondary, tertiary and quaternary care.
  • Enhance patient centred care.
  • Deliver services to meet the mental health needs of the population.
  • Develop clinical plans and service models to meet specific health needs.

2. Clinical excellence and better health care
solutions for patients through redesign
and improvement, efficiency and quality.

  • Continuously improve systems and processes to ensure quality and safety standards are met.
  • Embed organisational strategies for workplace safety and business continuity.
  • Align the medical, nursing and allied health workforce plans to ensure an appropriate fit, and one that best meets the needs of local people.
  • Manage the clinical workforce in accordance with the capability frameworks.
  • Promote the South West Hospital and Health Service successes broadly.

3. Sustainable resource and infrastructure
management, system planning
and integration.

  • Review the processes and function of decision making to ensure it aligns with contemporary standards and approaches.
  • Enhance data collection and reporting.
  • Ensure access to high level financial planning skills in order to provide a ten-year rolling financial plan which includes revenue generation and investment targets.
  • Manage the life-cycle of assets and infrastructure.
  • Reinvest retained earnings appropriately in the South West.
  • Monitor and manage contracts and procurement for effective performance and delivery.
  • Provide food services that meet state standards.

4. People feel empowered and
able to contribute.

  • Support staff training and education.
  • Encourage life-long learning.
  • Engage with the workforce in an inclusive and effective manner.
  • Implement strategic objectives through the organisation with a bottom up approach for best practice.
  • Embed cultural capability by developing the knowledge, skills and behaviours of staff.
  • Promote the South West Hospital and Health Service brand to be visible and identifiable.
  • Encourage consumer feedback through the community advisory networks.

5. The effectiveness of our health services
is improved by the use of data
and technology.

  • Support and enable business service delivery through ICT.
  • Support the workforce through the implementation of ICT solutions.

6. Stakeholders influence
all of our efforts.

  • Work in partnership with communities and key stakeholders (including Primary Health Networks (PHN), Aboriginal Medical Services, local governments and non-government organisations) to plan, deliver and evaluate health services.

Further information available in our Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (PDF, 2.9MB)