Our values

Our vision

Our purpose

To be a national leader in the delivery of health services to rural and remote communities To provide safe, effective and sustainable rural and remote health services that people trust and value

How we make a difference

Our values Quality Compassion Accountability Engagement Adaptability
We strive for excellence and do our best to deliver person-centred care. We treat people with the same kindness, respect and dignity as we would our own family. We are reliable and own what we do and do what we say we will do. We work effectively and inclusively with others. We learn, change and grow.
Our behaviour I commit to provide the highest standards of patient care. I care about the wellbeing and dignity of our patients and consumers, and their loved ones. I take responsibility for my decisions and actions. I work with others to find ways to innovate and solve problems. I approach challenges with confidence, professionalism and integrity.

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Our Values

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