To facilitate the focus needed for the streams of transformation required, an innovation lab, or SWHHS ‘Greenhouse’ has been established in Roma. The term Greenhouse aligns with the themes we have chosen to honour the land and culture on which South West operates. The many initiatives, such as ‘Village Connect’ and ‘Neighbourhood Greens’ are all about connecting to purpose, connecting to community, and mobilising a strengths-based community-designed and led transformation of the healthcare ecosystem.

The SWHHS Greenhouse is a dedicated space built on the design strengths of industry innovation labs – a collaborative work space to provide an immersive experience where breakthroughs in both thinking and design can occur. Through a combination of a review of the science of group dynamics, teamwork and environmental psychology, the South West is looking at ways of incorporating design thinking into our standard process for innovation and transformation, supported by this very different ‘space’.

This innovative environment changes the way our staff think about and solve their biggest challenges. The Greenhouse assists to disrupt conventional thinking, well established biases, it encourages creativity and ideation, and brings about new perspectives to develop tangible actions and solutions. Solutions are couched through agile sprints, so the organisation adapts, adopts, or abandons innovations in ways that are both rapid and energising and mobilise a sense of movement on the ‘big issues’.