Download a CovidKindness postcard and pop into your neighbour’s mailbox with your phone number and how you can help, ie. Shopping, running errands or having a friendly chat.

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#covidkindness – Let us spread COVID-19 kindness across the South West

Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has severely impacted life as we know it. Our situation continues to rapidly change each day with the ongoing introduction of measures being taken to ensure our communities are safe and protected. With social distancing now part of our daily lives and vocabulary, the impacts of these necessary measures will affect our communities – and in particular, the elderly, the sick, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

With restrictions in place on our way of life it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the situation and the continuous coverage across media channels. However, during adversity the best elements of human nature do shine. Time and again the acts of kindness and generosity are rising to make the world a positive and better place. This simple concept is ever so powerful and impactful. Supporting and showing compassion to those in need is essential, neighbour to neighbour, street to street, acts of kindness can help keep us all connected and supported.

Kindness is contagious and let’s see it flourish in all our communities. Reach out to others and demonstrate the power of displaying care and kindness to those less fortunate. Consider some of the ways below of how you can show an ‘Act of Kindness’ #covidkindness:

– Send a letter or postcard to help combat loneliness
– Help an elderly couple get their food shopping
– Buy a food voucher for someone you love
– Adopt a homeless dog during quarantine
– Start an online art club for kids or adults
– Deliver meals to those in isolation
– Start a letter writing scheme for those in isolation
– Community workouts via facetime (Free Virtual Fitness Sessions for all staff through Lifeworks available through QHEPS)
– Group sing-a-longs – especially popular for nursing home residents with ipads

Share kindness with your neighbours and friends, your work colleagues and offer a helping hand.

We would love to see and share your #covidkindness. Please send in any images you have of #covidkindness so we can share on our SWHHS facebook page or alternatively please tag the SWHHS facebook page in your post so we can share how you are spreading kindness across the South West.