SWHHS staff, Elizabeth and Geoff

Our brave staff and patients have shared their stories and experiences with you

These are the regional heroes of the South West Hospital and Heath Service

Patient Experience: Tom and Shirley Haines

Location: Surat

Tom and Shirley Haines tell their story about coming from Woollongong to receive high standard of patient care and are happy to live in Surat.

Staff Experience: Dr Graham Michael

Location: Surat

Dr Michael describes how he has been working as a Doctor for over 40 years and describes work-life in regional areas like Surat.

Why tell these stories?

It is important to highlight that genuine human connections exist in the health service
no matter where you are, from Dirranbandi to Quilpie, Augathella to St George.

You are not just another number, another bed – you are valued in the South West.
As a patient, staff member, or part of the wonderful community that continues to grow the region.

Sandeep - nurse at St George Hospital
Valerie - patient
Hannah - SWHHS staff