Referral Process

Before referring your patient

Before referring your patient you may request access to:
∙ Status of Specialist Outpatient Waiting Lists
∙ Estimated Waiting Times

Phone the number listed in the services list under the speciality.

Referring your patient

When we receive your referral
If the referral does not contain essential referral information to accurately triage and categorise the level of clinical urgency, it cannot be accepted and will be returned to the referring clinician for further details.

Referrals received by the Specialist Outpatients Department will be assessed using Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC).

Referrals are categorised based on the Queensland Health criteria for allocation of clinical urgency categories (CPC).

Once the referral has been categorised, the patient is added to the waitlist and will receive a phone call or letter about their appointment.

After you refer your patient

Changes to your patient’s clinical status
Please maintain clinical supervision of your patient’s condition prior to the initial consultation with the specialist.

Please notify the hospital in writing of any changes to the patient’s clinical status. The need for re-categorisation will then be considered.

Shared ongoing management
Specialists at our clinics will request copies of your patient’s pathology tests from the lab to be sent directly to you.