A Message from the Chief Executive – Linda Patat
2019 Annual Staff Awards
Leading the way in rural and remote healthcare

The Annual Staff Awards are an opportunity to celebrate our people and recognise our colleagues who have made a significant contribution to the South West Hospital and Health Service (SWHHS) and live out our values in the

Every week I hear amazing and remarkable stories of individuals, teams and initiatives going ‘above
and beyond’ to ensure we deliver the best health service and build a great place to work. Great work
happens across our health service every day and it is the ordinary that creates the extraordinary to
make a real difference to the lives of people we touch. The Annual Staff Awards are a small way of
saying a big thank you to our wonderful staff for their dedication and commitment in providing firstclass health care to the South West communities.

The SWHHS Staff Awards “Leading the way in rural and remote healthcare” reinforces our
commitment to our five values and acknowledges staff that make a significant contribution and
demonstrate a strong commitment to our values of Quality, Compassion, Accountability,
Engagement and Adaptability.

It is through this solid commitment that our vision will be achieved
“To be national leaders in the delivery of health services to rural and remote communities”.
This year the awards will recognise the significant contribution and distinction of our staff across
seven categories including our five values, the Jim and Jill Baker Award – Supporting a Culture of
Excellence and the Community Volunteer Award.

To be awarded to an employee or team who demonstrates a commitment to excellence in the
delivery of quality person centred care; continuously strives for improvement and excellence in all
that they do; and demonstrates the highest standards of patient care and reliability.

To be awarded to an employee or team who continually demonstrates compassion and treats all
people with kindness, dignity and respect in the performance of their duties.

To be awarded to an employee or team who hold themselves and others accountable to the code
of conduct and ethical behaviour; addresses the appropriateness of their behaviour in relation to
SWHHS values; and demonstrates accountability and commitment at the highest levels.

To be awarded to an employee or team who epitomises the essence of team work and works
inclusively with others in a multidisciplinary environment; works in collaboration with staff, clients
and communities to deliver improved health care; and strives to deliver services in the best
interests of our clients and seeks to improve their ability and willingness to manage their own
health and care.

To be awarded to an employee or team who regularly demonstrates adaptability and flexibility in
dealing with the daily challenges of their work; approaches challenges with confidence,
professionalism and integrity; and is open-minded in adapting to change, diversity and differences
of opinion.

Jim and Jill Baker Award
Supporting a culture of excellence – To be awarded to a team or individual who fosters a positive
culture where people have pride in their health service; provides service and care in a professional
manner, exceeds the expectations of the SWHHS, consumers and community; and promotes
excellence, best practice and innovation to improve the level of service to the clients, patients and
consumers of the South West communities.

Community Volunteer Award
To be awarded to a consumer / community member or team who demonstrates commitment to
both the local community and health facility through; demonstrating commitment to both the local
community and health facility through a proactive partnership to achieve better health outcomes;
contributing their time and goes out of their way to make a difference to the health system;
advocating for consumer and community needs and; partnering with the health service to drive
continuous improvement in their local communities.

I know you will not have to look hard to find examples within your workplace where fellow team
members have worked hard to create a better health system, demonstrated some great initiatives
and improvements and are exemplary models in what they do. To ensure extraordinary
achievements and contributions get the recognition deserved, all staff are encouraged to nominate
their colleagues or teams for work being developed or delivered.

Nominations are now open and will close at 5pm on Monday 30 September 2019. Award guidelines
and nomination form can be accessed on the South West QHEPS page.

Recipients of the Staff Awards will be announced on Monday, 28 October 2019 at an awards
ceremony to be held in Roma at the Explorer’s Inn where we will have the opportunity to celebrate
and acknowledge the commitment of our people to our values and excellence in rural and remote