You can ask for an interpreter to attend your appointment with you for free. If one is available, they can attend appointments that are:

  • in person
  • over a phone or video call.

If you have a family member or other support person who also can interpret for you, they can come to your appointment with you.

Ask for an interpreter

You can ask for an interpreter for any appointment. Your doctor may also ask for an interpreter when they make a referral for you to go to the hospital.

If you need an interpreter after hours or in the emergency department, there are signs on reception desks that you can refer to, such as:

  • interpreter symbol
  • Auslan symbol.

Find out when to use an accredited interpreter on the Queensland Health website.

Use an interpreter card

If you have a Queensland interpreter card and want an interpreter, show the card to a staff member.

To get a card, send an email to:

Find out more about Queensland interpreter cards on the Queensland Government website.

Last updated: December 2022