GP’s passion for rural and remote medicine shines light across the South West

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Dr Jenny Warner

Dr Jenny Warner

During the COVID-19 pandemic, availability of key general practitioner (GP) positions on a consistent basis has proved increasingly challenging. To assist with this, the introduction of a virtual GP service is intended to help reduce pressure on our services, and ensure people can access the care they need.

Communities in Quilpie, Augathella, Charleville, Mitchell, Surat, Dirranbandi and Mungindi all have the option to dial into an online or telephone appointment when required.

One of our virtual GPs, Doctor Jenny Warner, has a strong passion for rural and remote medicine, as well as Indigenous Health.

Dr Warner completed medical school at the University of Tasmania and soon after relocated to Queensland, where she has remained since.

Now based in North Queensland, Dr Warner loves travelling to regional communities and working with community members to achieve excellent health outcomes for all.

Her other interests include sexual health, infectious disease as well as adapting a holistic and integrative approach to her patients while addressing their health care needs.

When Dr Warner is not working, she is a full-time mum, caring for her two active boys and enjoying everything that tropical north Queensland has to offer!

“Having joined us in late January 2022, it’s wonderful to have someone as approachable and dedicated as Dr Jenny as part of the Primary and Community Care team,” said Louisa Dufty, Acting Executive Director Primary and Community Care.

Dr Warner is a strong advocate for telehealth, realising the immense opportunities that it presents for the delivery of top quality health care to patients who are geographically isolated in regional and remote Australia.

“We know how important it is our local communities to have access to trusted GP services, but this can often be a problem in our rural and remote settings,” Louisa added.

“Over 2,850 virtual GP appointments have been provided across the South West between January and August this year – and whilst we will always try to ensure face to face engagement is available as the preferred method of health care delivery, its through innovative solutions such as the Virtual GP approach that we can overcome existing challenges and ensure our people receive the treatment they need.

“We’ve also had lots of positive feedback from communities accessing our virtual GP services. A consumer recently wrote to say that the ‘virtual GP service is amazing, the doctor was easy to understand, and it was like he was in the room with you.”

“So, for those who need a doctor’s appointment and are offered a virtual option, we hope this is something you will consider to access, and enjoy the convenience and person centred care you should expect from any appointment.”