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Meet our leadership teams and find out about the work we do.

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    Our vision, purpose, and values guide our work.

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    Learn more about our leadership teams and view our organisational chart.

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    Find out how you can get involved by volunteering your time or becoming a Consumer Advisory Network (CAN) member.

HOPE Program

We work with the Charleville and Cunnamulla communities to improve health and social outcomes for children and young people up to the age of 25 years.

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Corporate reporting

Learn about our performance, how to access information and how people who work in the public sector can speak up about serious problems.

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    Our publications inform the community about our performance and achievements.

  • Our performance

    We publish detailed and up to date information on the activity and performance of our hospitals and services.

  • Access to information

    You have a right to know how we work and what we do. Find out how you can access information that we hold.

  • Make a public interest disclosure

    If you think that someone in a government department has acted in an illegal or dangerous way, you can report it.


Last updated: May 2024