As a patient, a resident or carer, a visitor, or a friend or family member, if you may have noticed things that we do well, or things that we could improve, please tell us about them.

If it’s good, it helps to make sure we do that more often to help others as well … and if it’s not so good, it allows us to get straight onto it and try to fix things for you (and for others who may have the same concerns).

Feedback can be provided to us in a number of ways including by writing (letter, facsimile, email, have your say form), by phoning or speaking directly with staff.

When providing feedback to us, please include your personal details, if you wish to disclose your identity, and details of the event you wish to report, the outcome you seek and any other information relevant to your concern. Include as much details as possible.

You should expect to receive an acknowledgement of any complaints within five working days. The South West Hospital and Health Service aims to respond to 90% of all concerns within 14 days and 100% within 35 days. While every effort is made to complete investigations within this time frame, for complex matters it may extend beyond 14 and 35 days.

Complaints can be made anonymously, however, please be aware this may inhibit the opportunity for the South West Hospital and Health Service to provide feedback to you.

The South West Hospital and Health Service values your privacy. No record of any formal complaint will be noted in a patient’s chart. Your feedback will not affect the treatment you or your family receive.

Have Your Say form

Have Your Say forms are available at every facility in the South West Hospital and Health Service to capture consumer feedback.

Have your say form

Not sure if you should say anything?

If you are wondering whether or not you should tell us about your experience… please do! We know people sometimes worry about upsetting staff, or feeling they may not be treated well the next time they need our services. We are very committed to make sure this would never happen. We will keep your information confidential (Learn more about our policies on information and privacy.)

We know that sometimes in small country towns this can be a hard thing to do, so we have created some extra options for you. If you would like to speak with someone outside of the local service, please contact the Consumer Liaison Officer (Mon – Fri) on  0436 857 092, this person does not work within the local facilities, and is located in the Office of the Health Service Chief Executive.

As a healthcare consumer, you have a right to provide feedback and have your concerns heard. For further information about your rights, please visit the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

Ask a question

We understand that sometimes you may wish to simply speak with someone to check on things, or get some further information. Please use the same options as we have provided under the feedback section – our staff are here to help, and they do not mind giving you or your family that extra bit of time when you need something – that’s actually what we love to do!

Your privacy

We take your privacy seriously. No record of your complaint will be attached to your medical record. All complaints are treated with the utmost confidentiality. At times, depending on the nature of the information provided, if you are making a complaint on behalf of a friend or relative, we may need to contact that person for their permission, but we will discuss this with you at the time.

What can I expect to happen when I provide feedback?

A senior person will be in contact with you to listen to your concerns.

We will ask some further questions to make sure we understand what you have told us accurately.

We will then review the situation to look for ways of correcting the issue for you, or fixing the system for the next person.

Communicating with you

An up-to-date status is available to the complainant upon request and/or at regular intervals. Timely feedback is provided to all complainants about the progress of their complaint, particularly where progress has been delayed.

Interpreter Services are available

The Queensland Government is committed to providing accessible services to Queenslanders from all culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. To access our interpreter services, please contact:

Consumer and Community Liaison Officer (Mon – Fri)
Phone: (07) 4505 1534
Fax: (07) 4505 1550

Complaints Review Process

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, or with the complaints process, you are able to request an internal review of the matter by contacting the Consumer and Community Liaison Officer.  The Consumer and Community Liaison Officer will arrange for a review of the outcome by a Senior Officer other than the original decision maker.

Where a complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you are also able to contact the Office of the Health Ombudsman, which will conduct an external review.

Further Information


Feedback can include compliments, complaints, suggestions or enquiries. There are many ways to provide your feedback to us. We try to make is as easy and as comfortable as we can for you to do so. Here are some suggested ways to provide us with your feedback:

Speak directly to staff
They are here to help, and will either assist you straight away, or find someone who can do so.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officer
If you would prefer to speak specifically with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officer, please contact your nearest healthcare facility.

It will help us if you can provide your full name and contact details. You can however choose to remain anonymous if your wish. Please phone the service directly (see our healthcare facility profiles) or speak with our

Consumer and Community Liaison Officer (Mon – Fri)
Phone: 0436 857 092

Email: SWHHS Consumer Feedback

Complete a form in hard copy
‘Have Your Say’ Form – for compliments, complaints, suggestions and enquiries.

Write to us
PO Box 1006

Roma, QLD, 4455

If you have any concerns about your health, contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 2584) for advice from a registered nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In an emergency, call 000 or attend your nearest hospital emergency department.

In accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Act 2008 s.219A the South West HHS provides the following information.
2019-2020, we received 239 compliments, with most compliments relating to humaneness and treatment compared to 300 the previous year. All compliments were shared with individual staff and clinical teams mentioned.
The number of complaints received was 101, a very slight decrease from 115 in 2018 -2019. Of the 101 complaints received 8 complaints were anonymous. The South West HHS considers that all complaints involve taking action even if the complaint involves an apology. With anonymous complaints the action is that these are noted by the relevant areas and further action taken if required to mitigate any risk eg. staff training, clinical reviews or improved processes.
Feedback helps to shape service delivery and provides an opportunity for us to review our practices and make enhancements where necessary. We thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback in 2019-2020.
In accordance with the provisions of the Human Rights Act 2019 s.97 the South West Hospital and Health Service is required to report on complaints regarding human rights. For the 2019-2020 year there were no human rights complaints received.