This information is for Health Practitioners referring patients to SWHHS Health services.

South West Hospital and Health Service has general referral criteria.

Some conditions may require extra referral information.

Condition-specific criteria (aligned with the statewide Clinical Prioritisation Criteria) can be found in the non-acute specialist assessment pages within the CPC.

Please make sure you are familiar with the latest criteria when referring patients; without this information the referral assessment process cannot be completed.

Check the services list for referral criteria, service locations, specialist names and other important information.

General Referral Criteria

Information that must be included in your referral, and where to send your referral.

Referral Process

Before you refer, how we process the referral, and what happens next.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, Blood Borne Viruses and Sexual Health, Cardiology, Bowel Cancer Screening, More >

Referral Templates

Download referral templates to be imported into your practice management software.