When to go to an emergency department

In an emergency, call triple zero (000), and ask for an ambulance.

Only people with severe injury or illness should go to the emergency department.

If you’re not sure if it’s an emergency, you can either:

If your injury or illness is minor, your GP or a pharmacy can help.

Read more about when to go to the emergency department on the Queensland Health website.


There are emergency departments at the following hospitals and multi-purpose health services.


There are emergency departments at:

Multipurpose Health Service (MPHS)

There are emergency departments at:

What to expect

Go to the reception counter.

A nurse will see you and work out how urgent your condition is. They’ll ask you about your health, any medication you’re taking and other questions to help with your care.

We treat patients in order of priority, not arrival. This means the sickest patients get seen first. Our teams work as quickly as they can and we appreciate your patience if you have to wait longer than you thought you might. If you start to feel further pain or discomfort while waiting, please let our reception know.


If you have a Medicare card, emergency medical treatment is free.

If you don't have a Medicare card, you may have to pay for treatment.

Go to the Queensland Health website to find out what to expect when you go to an emergency department.

Getting support

There may be free interpreter services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officers available. Let reception, or your nurse, know if you need them.

Last updated: November 2022