Being an outpatient

You're an outpatient when you come to our hospitals or health centres for an appointment with a doctor, specialist or clinic.

Sometimes you may need these appointments to help you get ready to stay in hospital.

Our outpatient clinics also provide more routine medical services across the South West region.

Your appointment

To see a specialist, you need to get a referral from your GP. The referral helps the specialist understand your condition.

The specialist will assess how urgent your condition is, and set a date for your appointment. You may go on a waiting list.

Each hospital and specialist clinic has its own process for accepting referrals and making appointments. They'll contact you with advice about your scheduled appointment.

The referral letter you got from your doctor will also include contact details if you have further questions or need additional advice.

Find out more about visiting an outpatient clinic on the Queensland Government website.

After your appointment

Speak with your GP about the appointment. If you saw a specialist, they should report back to your doctor with your results, diagnosis or further treatment.

Your GP may also have more information for you and be able to help you with the next step of your treatment. Make sure you know how to take your medication or treatment. If you can't remember, check with your GP or at the pharmacy.

Last updated: November 2022