Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities supports communities across the South West region to eat well, be more active and encourage healthier lifestyle behaviours.

Healthy Communities is all about how we live our lives in rural and remote communities. Through our partnerships with local people, partners and wider stakeholders, we aim to:

  • empower South West communities through increased awareness of factors that create healthy lifestyles
  • enable community members to identify and seek to address issues of concern to them
  • support communities to take part in tailored health programs.

Initiatives we support

Our team are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of the South West community.

We offer free community education and engagement opportunities for schools, workplaces, community groups and sporting clubs, specialising in:

  • nutrition
  • physical activity
  • early years
  • alcohol and tobacco
  • health promotion
  • wider public relations and marketing.


Nutrition plays a vital role in physical wellbeing. We take pride in helping communities gain skills to prepare and provide healthy meals and sustainable food supplies for themselves and their families. To do this, we work with and run initiatives such as:

Physical Activity

Physical activity plays a major role in improving the health of our communities. To support this, we work with and run initiatives such as:

Families and Children

Giving all our children a great start to life is essential. To support this, we work with and run initiatives to support families and children in our communities, including:

Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco education initiatives, including:

  • Think the Drink
  • QLD Police Drink Rite Night
  • Ditch the Durries.

Other Health Initiatives

Through collaboration and co-design of community-based initiatives we continue to promote health to our people in ways that work for them.

  • Australian Country Choice Beef staff wellness
  • Fleming’s Oil and Gas Industry Services Toolbox Talks
  • Men’s Shed.

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For example, programs that promote health.

Last updated: December 2022