Volunteers play an important role in our hospital and health services. Our volunteers support hospital employees as well as our patients and visitors when they need it the most.

Volunteers perform a range of tasks, including:

  • transporting patients and consumers
  • spending time with patients, keeping them company, engaging in conversation and socialisation and reading to them
  • taking patients to medical appointments, the hairdresser, coffee shops and other local amenities
  • helping with fundraising activities, birthday parties, high teas, and other themed celebrations
  • gardening.

To volunteer with us, you must hold a current National Police Certificate. You may also need a Disability worker screening clearance card. We can help you apply for these if you don’t have them.

You’ll also need to comply with Influenza and COVID vaccination requirements.

If you’d like to volunteer at one of our hospitals or health services, please email us at SWHHS_Board@health.qld.gov.au. You can let us know how you'd like to get involved and which location or locations you'd like to help at.

Last updated: November 2022