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The South West Hospital and Health Service is looking to engage all communities across the South West region who would benefit from the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes that motivates them to live healthier lives. The Healthy Communities initiative is a new approach that aims to help the people of the South West eat well, be more active and encourage healthier lifestyle behaviours. Unlike traditionally focusing on illness, our initiative seeks to empower individuals to take care of their health and wellbeing addressing modifiable risk factors of chronic disease, supporting community initiatives and building partnerships.

Healthy Objectives are community based projects which encourage participation or the achievement of activity goals.

If you can help an objective reach its goal, please contact the Healthy Communities team today!

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South West Health Challenge Signup

Objective: Sign up 500 people to the South West Health Challenge. Free pedometers to the first 500 participants. To sign up, click here, then sign up to the South West Challenge. For more help check out our Facebook post.

Fleming’s Workplace-Based Initiative

Objective: To deliver and codesign a whole of workplace smoking cessation package to staff of Fleming’s Welding Service.

Interested in having a smoking cessation workshop at your business? Click contact objective owner to register your interest.

Workplace Toolbox Packages

Objective: Healthy Communities team aim to develop 4 new packages to encourage health and well-being behaviours in workplaces.

Interested in having a toolbox held at your business? Click contact objective owner to register your interest.

Survey Responses

Objective: To collect 600 responses for the Community Health and Wellbeing Survey. Haven’t completed yours? Share your voice, click here. We’d appreciate your input. Survey closing soon.

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Over the Kitchen Bench

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