South West Hospital and Health Service is committed to meaningful consumer and community engagement so that we can build a resilient, locally responsive and self-determining community that is connected with its hospital and health service. We value the input of our consumers and community in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of our hospital and health service, contributing to more efficient and effective healthcare delivery and a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our strength lies with our consumers and community. Our engagement is based on relationship building, partnership and the principle that our consumers and communities have the resources and expertise to enable us to achieve our vision, purpose and strategic objectives.

Partnerships are essential to design, deliver and support rural health care services. Solutions and ideas that are innovative and flexible can only be achieved through engagement and collaboration. Together, with our community, and across the health sector, with health care providers and other supporting agencies we are committed to improving the health outcomes for our rural communities through a coordinated approach to service delivery.

South West Hospital and Health Service has a strong framework through its Consumer and Community Advisory Network for engagement, and opportunities continue to be explored and improvements made to ensure we encompass a wide variety of interactions ranging from information sharing to consumer and engagement consultation to active participation in decision making.

Our engagement aims to:
• Empower our consumers and community members to shape the future of the South West Hospital and Health      Service
• Embrace and cultivate a person-centred culture in all that we do
• Share our performance, enhancements, ideas, decisions and innovation openly and transparently with our          consumers and community
• Enhance our partnerships and relationships with key stakeholders to ensure a coordinated approach to                health care throughout the region and beyond
• Strengthen the health literacy of our consumers and community, enabling ownership of their own health care