Front Left to Right: Ms Karen Reithmuller Tully (Deputy Chair), Mr Jim McGowan AM (Chair), Ray Chandler;
Back Left to Right: Mr Stewart Gordon, Mrs Jan Chambers, Ms Fiona Gaske, Ms Claire Alexandar, Dr John Scott.

The South West HHS is a statutory body as defined by the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 (the Act) and is independently and locally controlled by a Board appointed by the Governor in Council, as recommended by the Queensland Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services.

The Board must perform its functions and exercise its powers in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
The Board provides governance of the South West HHS and is responsible for its financial performance, strategic objectives, quality of healthcare services and strengthening community engagement through meaningful consultation and collaboration.

The Board has the responsibility to ensure that the South West HHS performs its functions under Section 19 of the Act.

It must ensure the delivery of hospital and health services is in accordance with the terms of the service agreement with the Department of Health.

The Board also has the responsibility for the appointment of the Chief Executive.

The Board has delegated to the Health Service Chief Executive (including any person in that position on an acting basis) all the powers and functions of the Board which it may lawfully delegate, save those reserved to the Board.

Our Board is a professional skills-based board with members that possess skills and expertise in health management, primary health care, clinical areas, business management, financial management, compliance, legal and knowledge of consumer and community issues. Board Members contribute to the governance of the South West HHS collectively as a Board through attendance at Board and committee meetings, plus other stakeholder and community engagement activities.

Jim McGowan | Board Chair

Mr Jim McGowan, AM was appointed Chair of the South West Hospital and Health Board on 17 May 2017. Jim has significant high level public administration experience, specialising in the areas of governance, accountability, service delivery improvement and performance management. With strong leadership skills, and a history of achievement Mr McGowan is focused on overseeing the delivery of exceptional health care to the communities of the South West. Full Profile.

Karen Tully (Deputy Chair)

Ms Karen Tully is a self-employed advocacy, facilitation, leadership and governance expert based in Charleville. With substantial directorship experience, and a background in education, Karen is skilful in strategic planning and brings her ability of future thinking to the South West Hospital and Health Board. Full Profile.

Claire Alexander

Mrs Claire Alexander is a highly experienced, analytical and strategic professional in the specialist field of strategic financial management, in both public and private sectors. Claire is a certified practising accountant (CPA) and brings extensive knowledge in accounting principles and Australian Accounting standards to the South West Hospital and Health Board. Full Profile.

Ray Chandler

Mr Ray Chandler has 30 years experience in executive, corporate services, finance, human resource, infrastructure, project and operations management roles in the private and public sectors; with 21 of those years in Queensland Health. Ray’s health service delivery knowledge at both the strategic and operational level will prove invaluable to the South West Hospital and Health Board and the future direction of the Health Service. Full Profile.

Fiona Gaske

Ms Fiona Gaske is Deputy Mayor for Balonne Shire Council, an active member of the St George community and a highly-experienced Speech Pathologist. Fiona brings her passion and advocacy for public health services in rural and remote communities to the South West Hospital and Health Board. Full Profile.

Stewart Gordon

Mr Stewart Gordon is currently employed with the Darling Downs Primary Health Network and has 15 years’ experience in senior management and Executive Director roles. Stewart brings substantial knowledge of health in the South West, having formerly been a District Manager of the former Roma Health Service District, South West Health Service District and an Executive Director of Rural Health with the Darling Downs West Moreton Health Service District. Full Profile.

Dr John Scott

Dr John Scott is a Brisbane-based doctor who has worked as a general practitioner, in managerial roles and for a short time as a tertiary educator. He brings a wealth of medical, managerial and fiscal skills and experience to the South West Hospital and Health Board. Full Profile.

Jan Chambers

Jan Chambers

Mrs Jan Chambers is Deputy Mayor for the Maranoa Regional Council, an active member of the Maranoa community and passionate about the delivery of services to rural and remote communities. Full Profile.